From October 8th to 10th 2019, Katrina Sarah Milne, President of Federated Farmers of New Zealand and WFO Board Member of the Oceania Constituency, represented the World Farmers’ Organisation at the 5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture in Bali, Indonesia.

The event gathered over 400 delegates from more than 200 institutions from across the globe, to explore the changes needed to help farmers and food systems both adapt to and mitigate climate change.

On behalf of WFO, Katrina Sarah Milne joined as a panellist the session “Farming at the frontline of climate change: Challenges and way forward”.  She brought into the debate a concrete example from New Zealand on climate-smart agriculture practices (and SDGs consequently), with a particular focus on the collaboration between government, farmers and research centres.

The conference offered the perfect venue to raise awareness on the “Climakers” initiative among several relevant stakeholders of the agricultural sector.

This meeting took place alongside the 9th Global Research Alliance Council Meeting (October 6-7)

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases brings countries together to find ways to grow more food without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. It was launched in December 2009 and now has 59 member countries from all regions of the world. For its part, WFO has been a partner of the Alliance since 2014.