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The 51st Plenary Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS 51) will take place from 23 to 27 October 2023 in a hybrid format in Rome, Italy.  

During its 51st Session, the CFS is set to endorse the following three documents:  

  1. the Voluntary Guidelines on Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment in the Context of Food Security and Nutrition.  
  1. Policy Recommendations on Strengthening Collection and Use of Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Data and Related Analysis Tools to Improve Decision-Making in Support of the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security.  
  1. and the Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPoW) 2024-2027.  

Additionally, the Plenary will include two stocktaking sessions: a presentation on the progress of the follow-up to the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) as well as a monitoring event on the Policy Recommendations on Price Volatility and Food Security; and on Social Protection for Food Security and Nutrition. 

To enrich and complement the CFS 51 Plenary and to provide an opportunity for partners and other stakeholders to highlight their work, the CFS is organizing 36 side events over the five days of the Plenary. 

On October 26, from 8.30 to 9.45 am CET, WFO Gymnasium Alumna, Ms Josiane Irakarama from INGABO Syndicate, will join the side event “Investing in Youth to Reduce Inequalities – Implementing CFS Guidelines on Engaging Youth in Agriculture and Food Systems”.
You can register here. 

On the same day, from 13.30 to 124.45 am CET, Dr Nandini Azad, President of the WFO Member Indian Co-operative Network for Women Ltd., will address the side event “Scaling up the implementation CFS policy instruments in time of climate crisis – The role of the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 (UNDFF).”
You can register here. 

You can find more information regarding the side events at this link. 

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