by Nkenglefac Tacha Foretia Divine, Communications Lead, CSAYN 

 January 2020 opens a new chapter for Climate Smart Agriculture Network (CSAYN) following the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) back then in 2019. The signed MoU between the CSAYN Founder/Managing Director Mr Ntiokam Divine and Mr Theo De Jager, President of WFO paved the way for a joint implementation of the Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda officially known as ‘the Climakers’. The Climakers whose primary goal to enhance the position of farmers in the global political discussion on climate change aligns with the 5 Years CSAYN Strategy Plan (2018-2023) which is to reinforce the integration of Climate-Smart best practices among smallholder farmers within it 50 Member Countries. Following the above-mentioned engagement, CSAYN joined the Farmers Driven Climate Change Alliance as a representative for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and emerged as a key contributor on the first technical meeting held at the WFO headquarters in Rome, Italy in February 2019. This meeting focused on developing a survey to collect the success stories from farmers and map out home-based agencies to collaborate with. CSAYN is collaborating and supporting WFO plan to promote the Climakers’ agenda through different sets of actions most of which are highlighted in the December 2019 CSAYN Special Edition Newsletter. It is within this framework of raising awareness on farmers’ best practices and making the fights against climate change meaningful on a long-term, that CSAYN took as a top priority in July 2019 to massively disseminate the Climakers’ Survey and Case study template across it partners and network members. 

Climate-Smart practices provide the best alternative to scale up productivity and livelihood within the agriculture value chain,” said Ntiokam Divine, CSAYN Founder/Managing Director at the UN Secretary-General Climate Action Summit 2019.


*The views and opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the position of the World Farmers’ Organisation.


Nkenglefac Tacha Foretia Divine is the Communications Lead at the CSAYN. He is responsible for the management of the Network’s social media presence and blogs. He is also the point of contact for Nature Base Solution at the Global Coordination Unit of CSAYN.