We are the farmers

We are the ones who eke out a living with our fingers in the soil.
We plant our hopes and dreams into the ground to farm a brighter future for our families, for our communities, for all the people and for our planet.

In our hands lie the local solutions to global challenges.
Feeding the world with fresh, nutritious, and healthy food.
Fighting against climate change.
Taking care of the land we borrowed from our children.

We, farmers, are the people in the food systems.
We are diverse and our diversity is our richness.
But in every corner of the world, we share the same needs and expectations.
For our farms to flourish and our families to thrive.

The World Farmers’ Organisation gives voice to all of us, building bridges among farmers across the globe.
WFO transforms our multiple voices into common policies.
Gives us a seat at the table to advocate for our interests in the global arena.
Builds partnerships to advance our agenda, always serving the wider vision of sustainable food systems.
WFO mapped out the route towards the future of farming.

Let’s go the last mile together!