The Future of Food Documentary Series

In an era marked by global crises in food costs and production, climate change, economic challenges, government inaction, and the ineffective distribution of subsidies, the farming sector faces unprecedented challenges. In this collaboration with Zinc Media Group, we had an ambition to bring to life farmers’ stories from around the world, and give them a platform to tell their story, present their challenges, and their solutions.

Introducing “The Future of Food”. In this series we meet the dedicated farmers who are behind the fresh, safe and nutritious food on our plates, and showcase how they are transitioning toward more sustainable and nature-positive agricultural practices.

“The Future of Food” full Series Showcase.

Released by WFO and Zinc Media Group, the 16 episodes delve into the stories f #Farmers from all over the world embracing #Innovative solutions to boost the transition towards more Sustainable Food Systems. Embark on a journey into the heart of Agriculture.

What Lies Beneath

Acadian Plant Health use seaweed, a regenerative resource, to help farmers to stimulate and protect crops. This film delves into the science behind this novel approach to soil health.

Robots join the war on weeds

Robots join the war on weeds – with zero environmental damage.100 per cent autonomous and powered by the sun, their mechanical arms don’t need to stop. Hear from the farmers using new technology to grow sustainably – and at scale.

A farming family – tackling sustainability at scale

Sun-powered egg production at scale. How solar energy is transforming operations at Burnbrae Farms, Canada’s largest family-run egg producer.

Taming Methane in Cattle

In South Australia we learn how a feedlot farmer is feeding his cattle asparagopsis seaweed formulations to reduce their methane emissions, in partnership with CH4 Global.

Feed efficiency: Climate friendly cows

Dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah are teaming up with Dairy West to educate the world on how sustainability and scalability are working together to improve production. Witness the journey through the eyes of the farmer as they share their wisdom with the next generation. See how family farms are pioneering feed-efficient practices to meet the growing demand for sustainable dairy.

Making Deserts Bloom

How one of the UAE’s biggest farming businesses is making an impact at home and globally. We explore how Elite Agro Holding is growing crops on home soil at scale against the odds – and empowering women internationally.

Science and Farming

Pharma meets farming. How the targeted approach of human medicine is being adapted to support regenerative farming globally.

The Future of Farming

How can tomato farmers in Spain mitigate the effects of climate change? Technology developed by FMC enables farmers to predict an increase in pests so they can treat their fields in a more controlled and less intensive way.

Growing for generations

We see the world through 16-year-old Cadence Colborn’s eyes, as she explains what it is like to be part of a legacy family farm in Saskatchewan.

Together for better

Exploring NE Poland, we met Grzegorz, a climate-conscious dairy farmer and Interfood, who are working together across the dairy supply chain for a more sustainable future.

Argentina’s Sustainable Agriculture
Through A Local Lens

Argentina’s agricultural sector faces many challenges; climate change and the need for sustainability are chief among them.
But with recent innovations, a unique partnership between workers and a modern mindset, the sector is determined to achieve what’s best for our planet.

Biosecurity innovation – building the future of livestock protections

Harnessing the power of digital innovation – deploying effective biosecurity solutions. In this film we meet a farmer working with Livetec who says they’re working to build the future of livestock protection, to help combat the global threat of disease outbreaks.

A legacy in farming: reducing methane in cows

Brades Farm in Lancashire have adopted a feed supplement made by Mootral which has been shown to reduce methane emissions in their dairy cows. Farmer Ed Towers shares his passion for leaving a sustainable legacy.

Feeding the future

In Essex, UK, we discover how farmers like Jeremy are partnering with higher welfare pork producer Pilgrims UK. Together, they are working collaboratively to build a sustainable future from the ground up.

Growing for Tomorrow

Growers in Canada are trialling a new substrate which is reusable. Pure Life Carbon is working with growers to provide them with a sustainable substrate which is charged-carbon-based, to grow produce.

The Social Dividend

A visit to Mexico to hear from staff at NatureSweet. Why dignity and respect in agricultural work make a significant difference in productivity – and happiness.