Building on a multi-year relationship, CropLife and WFO pledge to improve farmer representation in global policy debates.

Brussels/Rome – 15 June 2022  – CropLife International and the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) are excited to announce a newly signed partnership agreement that deepens their existing multi-year relationship to broaden their collaboration to further empower the world’s farmers in meeting food systems sustainability, climate, and biodiversity ambitions.

CropLife International and WFO have previously collaborated on The Climakers program, an initiative designed to place farmers at the lead of global political discussions on mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Through the expanded partnership agreement, CropLife International and WFO pledge to continue supporting a farmer-driven climate agenda, while additionally working to strengthen farmers’ capacity to share informed, science-based decisions; increasing farmer access to innovative tools and methods; and promoting farmers’ position at the center of the decision-making process on policies, projects, and investments affecting agriculture.

“I am thrilled to continue our important partnership with WFO,” said CropLife International President & CEO Giulia Di Tommaso. “Agriculture is the solution to many of our global challenges, and farmers are at the heart of these solutions. We need an agriculture sector that is empowered to deliver positive changes for people, the planet, and future generations by providing them with access to the technologies and innovations they need to help us accelerate our transition to sustainable food systems. By elevating farmer voices in discussions around food security, biodiversity, and innovation we bring a critical perspective to the table.”

“This partnership will deepen our engagement with the farming community and is consistent with our long-held belief that farmers, consumers, businesses, NGOs, and governments each bring a unique and valuable perspective to the world’s challenges. Working together toward a common goal will deliver the best solutions to the issues affecting agriculture and our food systems.”

Specific activities under the partnership will include promoting good agricultural practices that mitigate and adapt to climate change; enhancing farmers’ technical capabilities; improving farmer representation in global policy debates; and increasing awareness on farmers’ identity, challenges and needs.

“We are very pleased to deepen our relationship with CropLife International,” said WFO Secretary General Arianna Giuliodori. “CropLife brings unique expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sector that can help the global farmers’ community to innovate, thrive and advance towards more sustainable food systems.”