Innovation and digitalisation in the agricultural sector are crucial to helping farmers cope with pressing global challenges.

The last WFO General Assembly, held in Budapest from June 7 to 10, 2022, was, among others, the occasion for the participants attending the event to learn more about DEMETER, one of the most significant projects in which WFO is involved as a core partner.

DEMETER is an EU-funded ground-breaking, result-driven project that aims to digitally transform the agri-food sector with global scalability and replicability potential. It pools the talents, expertise, and resources of agricultural technology experts, farmers, and farmers’ organisations.

As a core partner of DEMETER, WFO is fully committed to spreading DEMETER results among the global farmers’ community, enabling replicability, and facilitating the adoption of the proposed technologies.
From managing a dedicated exhibition booth to participating in the session “Innovative Solutions and Business Models to Enable a Farmer-driven Digital Transformation of Agriculture”, DEMETER representatives through the WFO GA 2022 had the chance to present the project and its results to an international audience of more than 200 attendees, farmers and relevant stakeholders of the agricultural sector.

Read more about DEMETER’s participation in the WFO GA 2022 on the project website.