On November 18th and 19th, the WFO President Dr Theo de Jager was in Versailles, France to attend the High-Level Forum on Sustainable Plant Nutrition.

Organised by International Fertilizer Association (IFA), the two-day event featured the participation of leading experts from diverse sectors focusing on agriculture and environment to explore the significant and complex role of plant nutrition in the urgent challenges facing agriculture and potential solutions.

Elsewhere, during seven inspiring sessions, some of the most influential food and agriculture thinkers explored developments in technology, research and policy that could support the role of plant nutrition in addressing the challenges and opportunities of fast-changing agricultural systems.

As a representative of the farming community, the WFO President reminded the audience how significant is the pressure on our food system nowadays. And this pressure is reflected in climate change, consumer health and the moral aspects of how and what farmers farm.

Closing his speech, de Jager called for a closer partnership between farmer and plant nutrition providers to feed nearly 3 billion more people in the next 25 years.