From June 17 to 21, the World Farmers’ Organisation will hold its 2024 Annual Meeting (WFO2024) at the FAO premises in Rome, Italy. The event will convene hundreds of farmers of all sizes and sectors, family farmers, young and women farmer leaders, farmers’ organisations and agricultural cooperatives from across the globe, as well as other relevant stakeholders such as government representatives, multilateral institutions, academia, scientists, private sectors, civil society groups, and financial institutions.

The event aims to provide a vibrant and inclusive platform for forward-looking dialogues, knowledge exchange, and multi-stakeholder collaboration to advance the sustainability of global agri-food systems. Whether you are a farmer, researcher, policy maker, or a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, the 2024 Annual Meeting of the World Farmers’ Organisation is an event you don’t want to miss!

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more information – registration for the #WFO2024 Annual Meeting is opening soon.