On October 10th,  the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) organized a working session during the WTO Public Forum in Geneva, to discuss how to reconnect disconnected value chains and therefore generate food security and sustainability, also through the fundamental contribution of technological innovation, especially Blockchain.

Theo De Jager, President of WFO, reminded the audience of the paradigm shift we are experiencing, with digital becoming the disrupting element of any activity, including farming.

Paolo Di Stefano, facilitator of the WFO working group on value chain presented the recently adopted policy. He focused on the importance of proximity and trust between farmers and all the actors of the value chain, from farm to fork.

Michael Keller, Secretary-General of the International Seed Federation analysed the topic in the wider framework of SDGs. The seed sector is investing to offer farmers choice and create trust. Technology is helping, through new initiatives like, for instance, e-Phyto.

It was a great opportunity to learn about value chain challenges and build opportunities.