The role of farmers’ organisations in promoting agriculture for younger generations 

As the President of the World Farmers’ Organisation, Theo de Jager, always says, “Young farmers of the world present a huge goldmine providing the solution to the main challenges of the 21st century“.  

Youngsters’ energy and passion, empowered with the right tools and measures, can boost the entire agricultural sector towards an effective and sustainable transformation of food systems. However, generational renewal in agriculture worldwide is at a stall and youth are discouraged from engaging in agriculture due to difficult access to credit and access to land, low profitability of farms and difficulty in making a modest living, in saying but a few. 

That is why the second 2021 round of seminars from the three-year exchange project Transitional Agriculture focused specifically on the role of farmers’ organisations in supporting intergenerational exchange in agriculture and empowering young people to get engaged in agriculture. 

A Digital Media Festival to promote Agriculture for Young People

As part of the training plan, the six national farmers’ organisations participating in the project, namely NASFAM (Malawi), INGABO (Rwanda), ZFU(Zimbabwe),COFAG (Ghana), AKKOR(Russia) andDBV (Germany), were supported by the motion designer Leo Zander in creating animation videos/videos motivating young people to get involved in agriculture or to continue working in this sector. 

Last September 8, all the farmers’ organisations had the opportunity to present their videos in the context of a dedicated digital media festival.  Find out more HERE  


Today, we can do nothing but congratulate our fellow farmers for the excellent work done!  This show how organised agriculture is crucial to advocate for a conducive environment where young people can embrace agriculture as an opportunity, with ensured access to land, finance, services. 

Once again, the “peer-to-peer” at the core of the “Transitional Agriculture” project has proved to be a concrete tool to exchange views on tackling common challenges in different contexts.