COVID-19 Agri-Information Hub/Health on the Farm2020-04-23T15:13:10+02:00

COVID-19 Agri-Information Hub/Health on the Farm

What you need to know about farmers’ health and safety measures on the farm.

Raising the voice of farmers in their struggle to fight climate change and the pandemic outbreak

by the Climakers Alliance The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak arrived at a time when many countries in the world are already confronted with serious pre-existing burdens of climate change and food insecurity. Many farmers experienced and are still experiencing huge losses [...]

When the Life of the Farmer “Key Development Actor” Is Protected

In Rwanda, agriculture represents the leading economic sector, which, if well-functioning, contributes to the smooth working order of other activities, as well as the country's economic development. Like all other industries, even agriculture has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic [...]

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