In Rwanda, agriculture represents the leading economic sector, which, if well-functioning, contributes to the smooth working order of other activities, as well as the country’s economic development.

Like all other industries, even agriculture has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. However, the measures adopted so far to combat its spread have fortunately spared farmers allowing them to continue their field activities during this year growing season. That has been preventing the population, already impacted by the COVID-19, from being affected by a situation of food insecurity.

As agriculture must continue to function even during critical times, farmers must be helped by ensuring them appropriate protective, preventive measures.

Among these measures against COVID-19,there is the use of masks, but some people in rural areas still do not wear them because of the financial difficulties they are currently facing.

In this context, on April 24th and 28th, INGABO Syndicate, in collaboration with EuroAfri Link, donated 300 masks and soaps to their farmers members.

This mask distribution interested the RURI, KININI, KARAMA and MATA areas, all located in the district of MUHANGA, in the province of SOUTH.

Some recipients,  a the first to benefit from this support in their administrative departments, warmly thanked INGABO and its partner EuroAfri Link for this critical support in the fight against the coronavirus. Some of them could not even hide their feelings.

We are the first in this village to wear masks. We warmly thank INGABO and EuroAfri Link who thought of us. From now on, we will wear masks and wash our hands to protect our lives and those of our neighbours.”, declared Ms NYIRANDIKUBWIMANA Francine, from the KARAMA / MUHANGA area.
This is an opportunity for our protection and the protection of others. Therefore, we will professionally continue our farming activities, producing food for our families and the market “, Ms Ephigénie MUKANKUSI from the KININI / MUHANGA area said.

Oswald TUYISENGE in his role of executive secretary of the INGABO Syndicate highlighted that this activity constitutes a crucial step forward in protecting farmers from COVID-19 and promises that INGABO will not fail to help its members after the COVID-19 pandemic. “This time, it’s about protecting your lives. We brought you masks and soaps to protect you from COVID-19, so you can continue to farm safely. As always, INGABO will not fail to support you.”

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