Although South Africa enjoys food security on a national level, not every household necessarily has access to what is needed.

With the extended lockdown period, the need for those who do not earn an income and do not have the money to buy food will just worsen the situation. Cash flow in households has drastic implications for the food cupboards, and children and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

If South Africa cannot provide food in the poorest communities during this lockdown period, the consequences could be far worse than the Corona infections.

That is why the Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) joined forces with churches, security structures, social workers and Solidarity Helping Hand’s Joseph Silos to establish a network that can provide food to the neediest in our society.

As a network for family farmers, SAAI believes that no better investment can be made at this time than bringing relief to both ends of the value chain. It requires the delivery of food parcels to families in need, and non-discriminate assistance to farmers who have to plant again this season, to keep food on South African shelves.

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