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On January 17th, in Rome, Coldiretti Young Farmers hosted the award ceremony of “Oscar Green”, the competition dedicated to Italian young farmers’ innovative ideas. 

Now in its 13th edition, “Oscar Green” aims at promoting innovative business models and production concepts that combine innovation and tradition, to ensure healthy agriculture.

Since its first edition in 2006, the number of participants has tripled. In this edition, 1800 young farmers applied to compete for the award of the most innovative Italian farm.

The prize is awarded based on six categories (NETWORKING; Farm4.LAND; CREATIVITY; CAMPAGNA AMICA; SOCIAL FARMING; SUSTAINABILITY). It reflects Coldiretti’ s vision of innovation that is not only technological but a perfect symbiosis between innovation, quality, transparency, proximity and local well-being.

According to such vision, an innovative idea aims at making farming closer to citizens’ expectations so strengthening farmers position in the agri-food chain as well as promoting widespread well-being for the community and the environment (environmental, economic and social sustainability).

“The stories of the “Oscar Green” winners put the spotlight on a model of sustainable innovation in agriculture that has its roots in the land and the communities” underlined Veronica Barbati, national delegate of Coldiretti Young Farmers.