On October 29th to 30th, a delegation of Ghanaian farmers, led by Nelson Agyemang, facilitator of the WFO Working Group on Innovation, convened in Accra to represent the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) at the Global Landscapes Forum Event.

Titled “Restoring Africa’s Landscapes – Uniting actions from above and below,” the event saw farmers, entrepreneurs, artists, foresters, pastoralists, policymakers, royalty, and national and international leaders discuss needs and solutions for restoring Africa’s degraded landscapes to an audience of over 800 registered participants.

The two days spotlighted African restoration efforts of all scales and sizes, forming partnerships and informing mindsets to achieve more sustainable landscapes and livelihoods on the world’s largest continent.

As panellist within the session ‘A decade to Act’, Nelson Agyemang highlighted the need to mainstream farmer’s driven approaches and real inclusivity of farmers from design, through implementation and evaluation of initiatives, in view of farmers’ centrality in both the challenge of ecosystem degradation and restoration, in particular in environmental services they render without compensation, and the need to ensure farmers ownership for climate and sustainable development impacts in a traceable manner for the decades and beyond.