During the first week of November, from 6th to 7th, the WFO Secretary-General was at the Royal Society, in London to attend the Just Rural Transition (JRT) preliminary meetings.

Launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019, the JRT initiative aims to bring together governments, companies, civil society, farmers groups and indigenous people in growing global ‘community of purpose.’

Stakeholders who endorse the JRT Vision Statement commit to doing their part in supporting the transition required to feed a growing global population by 2030, while protecting the natural systems which sustain life, halting the rapid degradation of nature and accelerating delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Overall the need to have the farmers joining and actively contributing was at the centre of most interventions. However, Arianna Giuliodori didn’t miss the opportunity to take the floor to reiterate the need to adopt a “farmers driven approach”, having the farmers sitting at the table and not just discussing what they should or should not do.