NOW online, the WFO Technical Assessment showing the impacts and consequences of the war in Ukraine on the global farming community

Rome, Italy, April 7, 2022 – Concurrently with the official launch of the “Ukraine Crisis Agri-information Hub“, the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) announced today the release of “Impacts and Consequences of the War in Ukraine on the Global Farming community“, a first technical assessment on the impacts and consequences of the ongoing war in Ukraine on the global farming community.

Sadly, the humanitarian crisis we are witnessing these days is badly affecting an already very severely compromised scenario by the two-year pandemic and the climate emergency, with significant repercussions on the agricultural sector. The effects involve severe economic and social shocks, especially for the farming community, further amplifying inequalities and undermining the proper functioning of international agri-food value chains. Indeed, the impact of this conflict will reverberate across continents and populations, posing a risk to global food security and severe consequences for the community of farmers worldwide.

It is vital to identify priority actions to protect farmers’ livelihoods and food production. A global response is needed to address the impact on the farming business created by the market disruptions.

It is essential to support the farming communities who feed us by ensuring access to agricultural inputs, natural resources and agricultural infrastructures in the areas impacted by the conflict.

There is a strong urgency to encourage the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices by promoting soil health, agricultural innovation, and restoration of degraded land. Equally, we need to invest in resilient and conflict-sensitive food systems, which involve the ability to withstand and recover from disruptions so that everyone has access, on an ongoing basis, to an adequate amount of food.

Last and most important, farmers are calling for the international community’s support to enable them to work in the fields safely and peacefully.