In the framework of the partnership with the International Seed Federation (ISF), the President, Theo de Jager, and the Treasurer, Arnold Puech D’Alissac, of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) joined on June 9th the ISF Virtual Congress, bringing the farmers’ voice into the debate on the future of the seed industry beyond COVID-19.

The pandemic outbreak of coronavirus had an impact on the entire agricultural sector, confirming that we are all part of a food system that is interconnected and fragile and that solutions must be developed together.
Border controls and limits to the free movement of people within their national territories have disrupted the functioning of the entire food supply chain, affecting the capacity of farmers to access seeds which resulted to a limited capacity of meeting the production standards.

Even though farming and seed sector activities have been broadly exempted from restrictive measures, it is difficult to anticipate what the medium- and long-term impact will be, with a high risk to affect global food security.

The panel session aimed at:

  • understanding significant learnings from farmers, customers, and authorities in these challenging times,
  • providing critical inputs on future opportunities for the seed sector, and
  • offering a different look at the position of seed in the value chain.

The WFO President focused on the capacity of the seed industry to support farmers at the COVID19 times and beyond.  He highlighted how essential it is for farmers to have access to improved seeds to be able to produce the food we all need and ensure food security worldwide.

To increase farmers’ capacity to access improved seeds and effectively use them, seeds industry and farmers must partner, so that having the double effect of fostering farm productivity and protecting biodiversity. Watch the event recording at

Availability and access to food are more than ever crucial during times of COVID19 and beyond. Farmers need to have access to quality, sustainable seeds at affordable prices to produce food and ensure food security while taking care of biodiversity,” reiterated the WFO Treasurer during his speech. Watch the event recording at

Partnering with the seed industry is crucial to implement win-win actions towards sustainability. That is why WFO and ISF are partners in several initiatives, first, “The Climakers” Alliance, and this joint commitment to the sustainability of the farming sector is now more important than ever!