Sustainability stood out as the main thread running through the meetings and discussions among business leaders and stakeholders at the recent ISF World Seed Congress 2019 in Nice, France, where nearly 1,700 delegates from 63 countries participated earlier this month, from June 3rd to 5th.

The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) was there. Theo de Jager in his role of WFO President was engaged in several panels and roundtables, bringing the voice of the farmers into the debate.

The WFO President reminded the audience that in order to increase farmers’ capacity to use seeds in an effective way, seeds industry and farmers have to partner; such partnerships are important to consider farmers’ business plans according to the seeds availability in a given area, so having the double effect of fostering the farm productivity and protecting biodiversity.

Furthermore, the event provided a great venue to promote THE FARMERS’ ROUTE also in the sense of improving farmers’ participation in the Research & Development of the seed industry sector.

The ISF World Seed Congress 2019 also featured the meeting of the World Seed Partnership (WSP) Steering Committee and Mark Watne, the President of North Dakota Farmers Union, participated as WFO Representative.

As WSP Advisory Partner, WFO ensures farmers’ needs are at the centre of the seed sector development.

Farmers are the ultimate beneficiaries of the success of WSP and ensuring that they can make informed and aware seeds choices is the reason of being of the whole partnership.