[Rome, London, New York, Dubai, 30th November 2023] — Zinc Media Group, in partnership with the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), is proud to announce the launch of an insightful and compelling new documentary series titled “The Future of Food.” This series sheds light on the critical role farmers play in mitigating the impact of climate change, and it’s set to captivate audiences worldwide during COP28.

In an era marked by global crises in food costs and production, climate change, economic challenges, government inaction, and the ineffective distribution of subsidies, the farming sector faces unprecedented challenges. A third of the world’s food supply stands at risk of disappearing because of climate change[1]. The urgency is clear, and farming is emerging as a vital part of the solution. That must be fully recognised and seriously considered to advance healthily and sustainably in years to come.

“The Future of Food” delves deep into the heart of these issues, introducing us to the dedicated farmers behind the fresh, safe and nutritious food on our plates, and showcasing how they are transitioning toward more sustainable and nature-positive agricultural practices.

In a statement from the World Farmers’ Organisation, President Arnold Puech d’Alissac said, ” As farmers, we play a crucial role in the fight against climate change while ensuring food security. Our solutions on the ground are diverse as we are diverse. Yet, amidst our geographical distances and diversity, we share the hope to build a brighter future for our families, communities, people, and planet. But success is a multistakeholder effort. ‘The Future of Food’ highlights the importance of collaboration between farmers and stakeholders to develop innovative practices and advance sustainable agriculture solutions. This series is an opportunity for the world to understand the challenges we face and the solutions we offer.”

“The Future of Food” Executive Producer, Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, expressed her enthusiasm for the series, stating, “This project is a labour of love that showcases the incredible resilience, innovation, and commitment of farmers worldwide. It’s a powerful narrative of hope and change in the face of monumental challenges. We believe this series will not only inform but inspire audiences to appreciate the importance of agriculture and its role in our sustainable future.”

The “The Future of Food” series will officially debut at the World Farmers’ Organisation stand at COP28. This momentous event underscores the urgency of recognising the role of agriculture to address the climate, food security and biodiversity crises. The series will then be streamed free of charge through the WFO’s website.

The World Farmers’ Organisation, representing over 1.2 billion farmers worldwide, is the driving force behind this ground-breaking series. “The Future of Food” aims to inspire positive change and encourage people to think deeply about the agricultural sector. The series promotes best practices adopted by farmers to mitigate and adapt to climate change, all while feeding the world in a more sustainable way. It emphasizes the effective solutions that can be achieved when farmers, researchers, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders join forces.

As the series unfolds, it paints a picture of a more sustainable and resilient future for farming and food production. It is a call to action for us all to stand by farmers in their journey to address the challenges posed by climate change and, in doing so, contribute to food security worldwide.

“The Future of Food” series is a testament to the power of collaboration and the determination of the farming community to drive change for a better tomorrow.

For more information about the series and its release at COP, please contact:
Elizabeth Fisher-Robins
Executive Producer, Zinc Media Group
+44 7785 719 557

About Zinc Media Group:

Zinc Media Group is a renowned content creation company known for producing compelling and thought-provoking documentaries and series on a wide range of subjects. With a commitment to excellence, the group seeks to inform and inspire through its engaging storytelling.

About the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO):

The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) is a global organization that represents over 1.2 billion farmers worldwide. WFO works to empower farmers and promote their interests on the international stage while advocating for sustainable and resilient agriculture to ensure global food security.

Notes to Editors:

“The Future of Food” Series Funding:

The documentary series has been made possible through the generous support and collaboration of a diverse group of private sector partners. These businesses share a common commitment to sustainable agriculture and have played a pivotal role in bringing this important project to life. The series is made possible through the following sponsors:

  • Mootral: A company pioneering innovative solutions to reduce methane emissions in livestock agriculture, contributing to a more sustainable farming future.
  • Acadian Plant Health: A leader in plant biostimulants and agricultural solutions, focusing on enhancing crop productivity while maintaining environmental stewardship.
  • FMC: A global agricultural sciences company dedicated to advancing agriculture through cutting-edge technologies and solutions.
  • Aigen: A technology company committed to data-driven agricultural insights and innovations, promoting smarter and more sustainable farming practices.
  • CH4 Global: A company focused on reducing methane emissions in the agricultural sector through sustainable and scalable solutions.
  • ENKO Chem Inc: An innovative chemistry company dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for agriculture and beyond.
  • Lartirigoyen: A forward-thinking company involved in the production and distribution of high-quality agricultural products.
  • Elite Agro: A sustainable agriculture company committed to responsible and eco-friendly farming practices.
  • Pure Life Carbon: A company dedicated to providing an alternative substrate to grow vegetables, contributing to the fight against climate change.
  • Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan: A non-profit coalition focused on connecting farmers and consumers and promoting transparent and sustainable food production.
  • Dairy West: Representing dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah, Dairy West is committed to supporting sustainable dairy farming practices and the well-being of communities.
  • Livetec: A company at the forefront of agricultural technology and innovation, enhancing farming practices for a better future.
  • Burnbrae Farms: A family-owned and operated egg business dedicated to sustainable egg production and quality.
  • Interfood Group: A global supplier of dairy ingredients and food products, emphasizing sustainable sourcing and production.
  • Pilgrim’s UK: A leading food company committed to responsible and sustainable pork and lamb production.
  • NatureSweet: A leading producer of greenhouse grown tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. A company that puts emphasis on sustainable and socially responsible agriculture with a purpose to transform the lives of agricultural workers in North America.

“The Future of Food” series is a testament to the efforts of these sponsors and the World Farmers’ Organisation in their shared vision of a more sustainable and resilient future for farming and food production. Their support has been instrumental in bringing this series to a global audience, raising awareness about the critical challenges and innovative solutions in the agriculture sector.

[1] https://www.ipcc.ch/srccl/chapter/chapter-5/