On July 12th, 2019, delegates at the July 2019 session of the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) discussed progress and challenges related to SDG 13 (climate action), as one of a sub-set of SDGs that received special focus during the session. Presenters and delegates discussed national initiatives to spur climate action, the linkages between SDG 13 and other SDGs, and the importance of climate finance, including for adaptation, among other issues.

Dimakatso Sekhoto (Nono), WFO Gymnasium young farmer from South Africa, intervened as lead discussant on behalf of the Farmers Major Group.  The official meeting provided a great venue to raise awareness on “The Climakers. Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda”, the initiative conceived by the WFO according to which all the actors in the food value chain work together with the farmers, to advance the global political dialogue on agriculture and climate change, promoting farmers’ contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement.

“This is a call to governments and all relevant stakeholders, to finally realize that if agriculture is continuously associated with disastrous and unsolvable disasters, supported by inadequate planning then good luck securing the future of the survival of humanity.  We all worry about perfecting existing policies in meeting rooms, while a lot remains to be done to incentivize and attract young bright minds to look at agriculture as an opportunity to save humanity.” affirmed Dimakatso Sekhoto during her passionate speech.

Listen to Dimakatso Sekoto (Nono) speaking out on behalf of farmers!