The 2019 edition of the World Farmers’ Organisation General Assembly, in Luxembourg, ended on May 22nd, taking home a huge success!

Farmers’ leaders from WFO Member Organisations across the globe have given their seal of approval for the “Farmers’ Route Declaration”, a statement that  promotes a real “farmers driven approach” to tackle global challenges, highlighting the path that the farmers of the world are already building and following to achieve a more sustainable future for all humankind.

World hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition are on the rise, as well as extreme climate events and the farming sector worldwide is still coping with issues like farmers’ access to resources, gender equality, youth empowerment, access to market among others.

Farmers are the first ones to be impacted by such challenges and those who work to overcome them every day, while at the same time trying to be resilient and produce more and sustainably with less. 

Given the central role farmers are called to play for the implementation of the global agenda of sustainable development, they deserve to be at the centre of the decision-making process on agriculture at local, national and international levels.

The approval of the “Farmers’ Route Declaration” represents a tremendous achievement and confirms the principle of the “farmers driven” agenda, which has been guiding WFO engagement in all political process on agriculture since May 2018, in Moscow,  where the General Assembly adopted a new agenda to enhance the position of the farmers in the global political discussion on climate change.

The world has lived on the farmers’ work and commitment for centuries, policymakers nationally or through multilateral institutions, make decisions that impact on their daily work and life. It is now time for farmers to have their say and propose their way towards sustainable development!

This is… the Farmers’ Route

And together we can make it!

The Farmers’ Route Declaration