On Thursday July 25th, the Organisation Mondiale des Cultivateurs de Cacao (OMCC-WCPO) welcomed in its headquarters in Abidjan the President of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Mr. Marc Noël, to discuss of the possible involvement of OMCC-WCPO as well as Réseau Ivoirien pour l’Agriculture Durable (RIAD) in the Global Co-operative Impact Fund (GCI Fund).

Because they contribute to a nation’s social capital, co-operatives are critical for progress in developing countries. Most of them need access to finance especially for long term investments.

The GCI Fund aims to raise funding to help plug this gap, according to an integrated development approach, that includes: building management capacity, particularly in financial management, business planning and impact measurement via technical assistance; improving understanding of the unique co-operative identity; establishing co-operatives as an investment class; demonstrating the impact of the co-operative models for the members/final beneficiaries.