WFO at the WEF event “Bold Actions for Food” to raise awareness on the innovation process in agriculture and why it is crucial to ensure a farmer-driven approach.

Next week, on March 15, from 11.30 AM to 01:00 PM CET, the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) will host the virtual event “Fostering Innovation in Agriculture and People Centrality”.

The event is part of the Affiliated Programme of “Bold Actions for Food – Regional and Country Flagships 2022” organised by the World Economic Forum.


The event aims to explore how to ensure the innovation process in agriculture respects and protects the farmers’ centrality.

Farmers are protagonists on the world scene, as food security and the sustainability of the food system transformation have gained a central role in global debates, first concerning the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

Farmers are called to feed the world while immense pressures weigh on them: a growing world population, the fight against climate change, urbanisation, and the loss of agricultural soil are just some of the challenges to which Farmers are confronted every day.

In this context, innovation and digitalisation have been recognised as crucial drivers to improve production quality and reach sustainability, but often associated only with the development and utilisation of technologies.

However, innovation in agriculture is much more than technology, as a crosscutting line that encompasses all aspects of agricultural production and farmers’ work.

How do we make sure that farmers, their families and communities are driving the innovation process in agriculture so that the people’s centrality is respected and protected?

Attendees will have the chance to listen to esteemed panellists and participate actively in the discussion by joining one of the three following breakout discussion groups:

BREAKOUT 1 – Big Data and innovation in data management

BREAKOUT 2 – Organised agriculture in support of farmers-driven innovation

BREAKOUT 3 – Innovation in Nutrition Policies


The concept note and the agenda of the event are available HERE.