Led by farmers, fishers, pastoralists, and other producers in all their diversity, the Pre-Summit session “The Voice of Farmers, Fishers, Pastoralists, and other Producers toward the Food Systems of the Future” engaged a wide range of stakeholders around a vision to jointly build more equitable, empowering sustainable, and resilient food systems.

Focusing on the priorities of farmers, fishers, pastoralists and other producers, the main challenges they face, their game-changing solutions and their joint commitment towards achieving sustainable food systems globally, this session built upon the outcomes of a series of farmer-focused consultation processes at the national, regional and global levels, which took place in the form of both Independent and Global Summit Dialogues.

This was the line-up of panellists:

Opening Remarks by the moderator

There’s no Food Systems transformation without farmers, fishers, pastoralists and other producers.

Insight from the producer dialogues

Current food systems are broken: 1. primary producers are among the most food insecure in developing countries; 2. the food industry globally is one of the biggest, but farmers are a sidelight; 3. rebalancing power in food value chains is critical.”

Farmers have done a lot to improve their production and are committed to doing more. But we also need support and understanding.

  • Ms Reema Nanavaty, Executive Committee Member, Asian Farmers Association (AFA)

Challenges producers face in Finance, Value Distribution, Resilience & what solutions they are bringing

  • Mr Gilbert F. Houngbo, President, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Recognizing the voice of farmers, recognising the producers themselves and ensuring their voice is heard, and their views are taken into account is crucial whatever conclusion or recommendation we are moving forward.

We fundamentally believe that our farmers and ranchers derive action every single day from their lands, but we must work together across the value chain.”

  • Mr Roy Bealey, Fishery Director, International Pole & Line Foundation Perspectives and Solutions from other stakeholders
  • Ms Berenice Sanchez, Coordinator for Mexico and Central America, Alianza Milpa
  • Mr Gordon Bacon, CEO, Pulse Canada and the Global Pulse Confederation

“Producer education, a predictable trade environment and consumer education of what quality food means are the three keys to enabling successful food systems and empowering farmers and ranchers.”

  • Ms Liliana Jiang, Vice President, Alibaba Group

Closing Remarks

“And because we are farmers, you know, we are really into the action. So, the final word is about “what’s next”. We expect this summit to be just a step, just a summit, but we are expecting coalitions to put farmers at the very heart. It’s time to jump into the action, and we are ready to do it.