The series of seminars of the 3-year exchange program “Transitional Agriculture” continues.

This week marked the start of the second year of the project “Transitional Agriculture” activities.

On 18 March, WFO farmers’ organisations’ representatives from Russia (AKKOR), Germany (DBV), Malawi (NASFAM), Zimbabwe (ZFU), Rwanda (INGABO), and Ghana (COFAG) met digitally for the kick-off meeting of the first 2021 round of seminars.

The meeting focused on Agricultural Trade and specifically on the trade flow among the countries involved in the project – Russia, Germany, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe.

Participants explored how the trade flow can be improved for the farmers’ benefit, considering both the role of the farmers’ organisations and Trade agreements (bilateral, regional, and global).

The next seminar will take place on April 1, bringing together the youngsters from the farmers’ organizations participating in the program for an in-depth conversation on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and innovation in agricultural trade such as social media, apps, and digital marketplaces.