WFO, alongside farmers across the globe, in their action to cope with the socio-economic consequences of the Ukraine crisis on food and agriculture

Rome, Italy, April 7, 2022 – The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) launched today the “Ukraine Crisis Agri-information Hub”, a centralised, searchable platform on the WFO website, providing accurate and updated information on the various issues affecting food and agriculture worldwide because of the socio-economic consequences of the ongoing Ukraine crisis on production and trade disruptions.

Conceived by WFO, the “Ukraine Crisis Agri-information Hub” is intended to be global as all the farmers of the world are invited to contribute and feed the platform with information on the impact of the Ukraine crisis at the farm gate.

Sadly, the humanitarian crisis we are witnessing these days is badly affecting an already very severely compromised scenario by the two-year pandemic and the climate emergency, with significant repercussions on the global farming community,” said WFO President Theo de Jager. ” This Information Hub has the intent to spotlight the socio-economic impacts of the conflict in Ukraine on food and agriculture globally, as well as, to bring to light farmers’ efforts and experiences to cope with these significant challenges and concerns while building bridges among farmers sitting in every corner of the globe, sharing knowledge and learning from each other, to shape a more sustainable and peaceful future for all.”

The platform offers an insightful overview of the impacts of the Ukraine crisis on agriculture and food, from the availability of agricultural inputs to the staple food prices, bringing to the forefront the challenges farmers across the globe have to cope with and how national governments are supporting the farming sector to overcome them.

The information hub also aims to shine a light on the initiatives and campaigns that farmers’ organisations are implementing to support their members at regional and national levels.

The WFO Ukraine Crisis Agri-Information Hub is available at



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World Farmers’ Organisation

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