Further to the announcement last week of the new partnership between the World Farmers’Organisation (WFO) and Nuffield International, on May 27th the WFO Secretary General, Arianna Giuliodori, joined as guest speaker a one-off webinar hosted by Nuffield International.

The audience included, first of all, Nuffield Scholars.

During her speech, Ms Giuliodori shared with the participants the reality of what WFO is, what it does and how it works, with a particular focus on the WFO Gymnasium program for young farmers and “The Climakers” initiative.

In conclusion, within an exciting and intense Q&A session, the WFO SG did not miss the opportunity to reiterate the very spirit of WFO to be a worldwide farmers-led organisation representing farmers of all sizes, all regions, all sectors, under the umbrella of an undeniable vital principle: sustainability.

Here is the webinar recording: