The President of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), Mr Arnold Puech d’Alissac, and the WFO Secretary General, Dr Andrea Porro, were in Berlin to attend the 16th Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference, which took place on the final day of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA). This summit, the key event of the GFFA, was a great opportunity for exchange with agriculture ministers and high-level representatives from international institutions.

The GFFA is an international conference that sheds light on central issues of global agricultural and food policies. It is hosted annually by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) in Berlin (Germany). This year’s event, held from January 17 to 20, focused on the theme “Food Systems for Our Future: Joining Forces for a Zero Hunger World!”.

The Youth Perspective: 10 WFO Young Farmers Share Their Ideas and Expectations at the GFFA Young Farmers Forum

A highlight of the GFFA was the active participation of young farmers. For the eighth time this year, a delegation of young farmers from WFO Member Organisations across the globe participated in the GFFA International Young Farmers Forum (YFF).

Figure 1 Photo copyright: ©WFO

The young farmers’ representatives actively contributed to the GFFA by sharing the experiences gained on their farms or from their work in national farming organizations.

Moreover, they worked together on a joint statement about global food security and sovereignty and the generational renewal crisis that is hitting the agricultural sector. Two young farmers were given the opportunity to read the statement at the Ministerial Conference.

The statement highlighted challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, stressing the urgency for change. The young farmers called for inclusive policies that prioritise sustainable production and promote the active participation of food producers in decision-making processes. They urged governments to support resilient and sustainable food value chains, promote gender equality and youth rights, and address conflicts impacting food security. The young farmers emphasised the need for international cooperation, incorporating traditional knowledge, and respecting human rights to build a just and zero-hunger world.

WFO’s Commitment to Elevating Farmers’ Voice in Agricultural Political Discourse

The Global Forum on Food and Agriculture served as a crucial platform, showcasing the perspectives of farmers with a focus on young farmers and amplifying their voices within the context of international discussions on agriculture. WFO’s active participation in the High-Level Ministerial Session, along with meaningful interactions with fellow farmer organizations and collaborators from both the public and private sectors, empowered the WFO to underscore the vital need for including farmers, particularly the younger generation, in shaping national and international policies.

WFO actively contributed valuable insights to the discourse on regenerative agriculture, highlighting the importance of sustainable farming practices. Committed to advancing this crucial topic, WFO is ready to work in partnership with the stakeholders in the food systems.

Looking ahead, WFO remains dedicated to ensuring that the voice of farmers resonates across all levels of political discourse. By actively participating and collaborating, we aim to champion the value of farmers, pursuing the sustainable and inclusive transformation of food systems.

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