From November 23 to 26, the World Rural Forum hosted the four-days Global Conference: “Family Farming at the core of Sustainable Food Systems”.

On November 24, Mr Sotha Sok, in his role of WFO Board Member for the Asian Constituency, joined other esteemed panellists for a fruitful exchange on how strengthening family farming is a pathway for sustainable food systems transformation.  “Improving the sustainability and resilience of the food systems and increasing women empowerment and youth involvement in agriculture are essential actions to strengthen family farming and accelerate the achievement of the UNDFF goals. It’s crucial to adopt a systemic and farmer-driven approach to food systems that identifies farmers as actors in a complex system, working in partnership with other actors,” he said.

As a member of the International Steering Committee of the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028WFO is actively engaged in implementing the Family Farming Decade. During his speech, Mr Sotha Sok didn’t miss the opportunity to highlight WFO activities, recommendations and priorities to strengthen Family Farming and accelerate the achievement of the UNDFF goals.

Watch the event recording HERE: