The third edition of the World Conference on the Revitalisation of the Mediterranean Diet took place from 28 to 30 September at CIHEAM Bari’s Cosimo Lacirignola Campus.

The theme of this year was: “A Change of Route Towards More Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in the Mediterranean Countries: The Mediterranean Diet as a Strategic Resource for Accelerating the Agenda 2030 in the Region”.

In line with the Call to Action of the G20 Matera Declaration, this initiative aimed to foster a change of route toward more resilient food systems, with the Mediterranean diet acting as a Sustainable Consumption and Production lever, following the One-Health holistic approach, a conceptual model that integrates human and animal health, the environment and lifestyle.

The World Farmers’ Organisation has been invited to two different panels, ensuring the global farmers’ voice was heard loud and clear.

“Focusing on Youth is a priority for the World Farmers’ Organisation” – WFO President Arnold Puech d’Alissac

On Wednesday 28, the WFO President joined the CIA – Agricoltori Italiani side event: “Best practices and agreements in the Mediterranean area to increase the added value of farmers in olive oil, fruit and vegetable, citrus production sectors”.

“Focusing on Youth is a priority for WFO,” said the WFO President calling for enabling policies that support the next generations of farmers to transition to more sustainable agricultural practices.

He then underlined something crucial but frequently underestimated: “when we talk of sustainability, let’s remember its three dimensions, environmental, social and economic. For a farmer, if agriculture is not profitable, it cannot be sustainable.”

Click on the CIA press release (in Italian) to learn more about the outcomes of the session.

“The real value of Agriculture, as food production and services to the communities, is a common good” – CIA representative Cristina Chirico on behalf of WFO

On Thursday 29, Cristina Chirico from CIA – Agricoltori Italiani spoke on behalf of WFO at the PRIMA Foundation session “The role of Euro-Mediterranean smallholders and food businesses in enhancing the Mediterranean Diet as a sustainable and healthy diet.”

The president of PRIMA Foundation, Angelo Riccaboni, is one of the members of the WFO scientific council, an independent scientific body composed of 15 scientists, experts and professors from across the globe, to equip WFO with the best scientific advice to enhance further the science-sound perspectives of the farmers’ voice in the international debate around agriculture and food systems.

During her speech, Ms Chirico underlined the importance of recognising the farming value, also for its positive social and environmental externalities, too often not economically recognised, but so important in the communities: “Economic sustainability, i.e. profitability and the recognition of the positive farming externalities, must be prioritised, without which there will be no future in agricultural areas, including in the Mediterranean area”.

The conference was also the occasion to share experiences and expectations between farmers and other stakeholders of the Mediterranean region and far.