February 11th 2020, Rome, Italy – From February 6th, a delegation of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) has been joining the 7th Global Meeting of the Farmers’ Forum (FAFO 2020), at IFAD Headquarters in Rome.

Today, a Farmers’ Forum delegation addressed the 43rd Session of the IFAD Governing Council, to deliver the outcome official statement that emerged from the forum in front of IFAD Member States. The farmers invited IFAD to support the positions of food producers across the globe when it comes to rural youth, gender equality, climate change, family farming and food systems transformation challenge.

As a member of the Farmers’ Forum Steering Committee, the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) endorses the final statement of the 2020 Global Farmers Forum with some important exceptions:

1) Our global mandates commit us to all solutions to the climate change challenge, including climate-smart agriculture. WFO considers that the document is not inclusive enough.

2) We support the 2021 Food Systems Summit and are committed to take part in the design, preparation and implementation of the process, to secure an opportunity for the voice of family farmers to participate through platforms that are more inclusive than the CFS, such as the multi-stakeholder mechanisms of the UN major groups and all the other UN mechanisms for representation. It is of utmost importance for the farmers to be actors of this process and to drive its preparation and implementation, to ensure that they are kept at the heart of any sustainable food system.

WFO is committed to its mandate of representing all sort of farmers and care about all of them across the globe because NO FARMERS SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!