Madrid, Spain, December 6th, 2019 – The fifth session of the WFO Gymnasium program takes place in Madrid on December 6th and 7th. It brings together once again the group of young farmers of the first edition of the training program created by WFO to prepare the future leaders of farmers organisations.

This group of active young farmers leaders from all over the world gather in Madrid on the occasion of the UN Conference for Climate Change COP25, to deepen and reinforce their knowledge of the international decision-making process on climate change.

This session focuses on Climate Finance, Agroecology and Digital Transformation for climate change, among others, exposing the participants to the work and insights of the leading organisations working around the Climate change agenda and involved in the COP25.

The young farmers understand and embrace their central role in the climate change agenda. They are those who nourish the planet and want to contribute to the vision of future farming.

The young farmers of today are the ones that will have a central and leading role in the transformation that must involve all sectors. Still, it is only through their knowledge of their work and needs that a positive change can be thought out and agreed upon instead of being imposed.
For them being in Madrid is highly relevant and that is why this group of young farmers’ leaders wants the possibility to both advocate for young farmers around the world, and also advocate for the farmers they represent, to help them understand the necessary changes that must be made.