International Day of Rural Women, on 15 October, is a chance to recognise that women feed our families, communities, and the entire world.

It is no surprise that women’s empowerment has been recognised as one of the most powerful instruments to successfully implement the United Nations Decade of Family Farming.

Yet, unfortunately, women’s active contribution to the farming sector remains often hidden and unpaid. Furthermore, rural women face several barriers to accessing resources, land, infrastructures, finance, education, extension services, inputs, technology, and investments.

FAO tells us that if women farmers had the same opportunities and resources as men, the number of hungry people in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million.

Hence, empowering rural women,  providing them with adequate skills and opportunities to increase their self-leadership, and ensuring gender equality is crucial in advancing global food security and shaping more sustainable food systems.

On this Rural Women’s Day, as President of the World Farmers’ Organisation, I am honoured to stand by my fellow women farmers leaders in France, Europe and across the globe to call on decision-makers to recognise their invaluable role in our family farms and organised agriculture.

At WFO, we are already walking the talk, as I am proud to chair a Board of Directors where the majority of members are women farmers from across the globe, thus proving that we, farmers of the world, are committed to boosting women’s leadership in agriculture.

Happy International Day of Rural Women to all!