The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) is pleased to announce one scholarship for graduate young farmers interested in attending the fourth edition of the Master (LL.M.) in Food Law, organized by the LUISS University in Rome.

The fourth edition of the course will run from January to July 2020 and will take place in Rome at the LUISS School of Law.
English is the language of the course and all related activities.

The young farmers play a critical role for the Planet, by contributing to food security, being the stewards of environment, integrating innovative techniques, being part of the trading system, ensuring sustainability.
WFO recognizes and promotes the importance of education and professional growth and development of young farmers and offer them one exemption from the payment of the tuition fee for the LL.M. in Food Law.

For the assignment of the scholarship, candidates need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • To be graduate farmers;
  • To be aged under 35;
  • To come from developing countries.

Preference will be given to the Gymnasium Program participants.
To ensure gender-balanced representation, in case of the same evaluation level, if possible, the scholarship will be assigned to a woman.

Official professionals within WFO Members, who are interested in attending the course, can benefit from a 10% discount on the tuition fees.

The participants in the Master will also have the opportunity to get an internship in WFO Secretariat.

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