Interfax Ukraine | UGA calls on key grain traders to stop cooperation with Russia

The Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) called on the international grain business to stop cooperation with Russian business and the aggressor state of the Russian Federation due to its invasion of Ukraine and the buildup of military aggression.

The Guardian | Ukraine war means governments must help with soaring bills, says OECD

Leading thinktank raises global inflation forecast to 7.5% as cost of food staples, minerals and energy rises

UNITED NATIONS | Secretary-General’s opening remarks to the press on the war in Ukraine

Raising the alert of Russian nuclear forces is a bone-chilling development. The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility. The security and safety of nuclear facilities must also be preserved. It’s time to stop the horror unleashed on the people of Ukraine and get on the path of diplomacy and peace.

The Currency | The situation in African countries where they feel they can’t rely on the West means they’re hedging their bets

The food insecurity triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine will cause deep problems in Africa, where nearly half of the continent depends on Russia and Ukraine for food staples. Africa is already a new front in a new Cold War.

Agronotizie | Guerra e azoto, sembra ormai fuori controllo il mercato dei concimi

Concimi e mercati: informazioni, prezzi, opportunità. A cura di SILC Informa

FAO | Information Note. The importance of Ukraine and the Russian Federation for global agricultural markets and the risks associated with the current conflict

Market structure, trade profiles and recent price trends

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